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Fuhu Nabi 2

Editor's Choice - Best Tablet for Kids 2012

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The Fuhu Nabi 2 is by far the best tablet for kids. Fuhu says that the tablet was made by parents for parents, and this is clearly visible in the end product. Every aspect of the Nabi tablet has been well designed for use by both kids and parents. Inside the protective bumper and kid-friendly rubber case, you'll find a top of the line tablet featuring the latest Tegra 3 quad-core processor and the latest Android OS.

The folks at Fuhu have developed an entire suite of kid friendly apps and a kid friendly interface to Android that they call Monarch OS. This makes using the tablet much easier for little ones and provides a safety net of parental control while allowing for the full power of Android. They have managed to make an Android tablet safe for kids! As a parent, you can even enter Mommy/Daddy Mode and have full access to the Android system. So you may find yourself wanting to use the Nabi as well, just don't hog the tablet please :)


  • Kid Friendly Monarch OS based on Android 4.0 
  • Accademic Apps
  • Chore List App
  • Play the latest HD Games
  • Buy/Stream Music and TV Shows for Kids
  • App Zone App Store for Kids
  • nabi Cloud
  • Mommy/Daddy Mode (enables full Android OS)
  • Super fast Quad Core NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor
  • USB, HDMI, MicroSD, WiFi, Bluetooth

To really appreciate the uniqueness of the Nabi 2, you should see it in action. The video below is a great overview of the tablet's functionality. We highly recommend this tablet, and at $199, it's real bargain too! Check out what parents are saying about the Nabi at Amazon.

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